Evidence for Trial Lawyers 2019

March 15, 2019 @ 8:30 am – 4:30 pm America/Phoenix Timezone
BCLS Room 650
111 E. Taylor Street Phoenix AZ
Christohper Marohn
Learn from the EXPERTS in Evidence Law
Tom MauetSteve Easton and Irving Younger are giants in evidence law training for several generations of America’s advocates. In this special program, the three combine to present the best of each—with special attention to Arizona’s recent decisions that will effect your daily practice.Steve Easton’s practice-based advice is built around video highlights (90 of them to be exact) of Younger’s original presentation — still the gold standard for evidence training — but it goes beyond the original with impactful advice on recent developments. Tom Mauet accentuates the presentation with insights into the rules and practice in Arizona courts, sing his trademark approach of viewing evidence as the judge views it!Together, they create a full day of powerful practice development! Younger, Easton and Mauet offer knowledge gained through substantial trial experience in a wide variety of cases.


Program Highlights

  • Focus on fundamental concepts that you face in every trial
  • Overlooked nooks and crannies that can help you introduce the proof you need and shield your client from improper material your opponent will try to admit
  • Learn classic and contemporary approaches to applying the rules of evidence from three of America’s best loved experts.